Press Release

To: All Editors and Journalists

From: Women Make Glasgow




Women Make Glasgow are delighted to be a part of the launch event of the Scottish branch of LGB Alliance.  The on-going debate into Gender Identity Ideology has been enormously hampered by charities and state funded institutions set up to help implement Equality legislation taking a fundamentally partisan approach to the clashing of interests between different minority groups.

This has greatly hampered meaningful discussion into the society changing proposals put forward by the Scottish Government to amend the Gender Recognition Act to a system that recognizes the concrete changes an individual has made to replicate as far as they can a member of the opposite sex, to one of removing all criteria beyond citizenship, being over 16 and uttering a declaration of intent. 

Women Make Glasgow considers this proposed law to effectively destroy adult sex segregation in Scots law: if any adult can declare themselves a member of the opposite sex then sex is an empty meaningless concept.  We also consider the uncritical entry of gender identity ideology into Scottish schools to go against the requirement that schools be politically neutral, and in the case of young women with neurodiversity issues, potentially creating a harmful work environment.

We drafted a policy for Glasgow Life that respected and balanced the rights of all users of their facilities: safety, dignity and privacy being equally weighted in importance. We believe this approach is the correct way forward.

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